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Welcome to the TUOCS District Web site.                           

This site was created as a resource for both active units wishing to keep current on district events, gaining further knowledge from various web sites, and provide potential scouts with a listing of units they can join in the area.



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Unit Leader Phone Meeting Place
Pack 548      LDS Church, Morganton
Pack 573 Art Williams 910-964-3126 Castle Chapel, Ft. Bragg
Pack 700      LDS Church 4th W, Scotty Hills
Pack 702 John Hall 910-630-2125 Johnson Memorial  United Methodist Church
Pack 705   910-286-9024 Fayetteville Christian Church
Pack 725 Rachael Burkhart 910-257-8906 LDS Church, Hope Mills
Pack 726     LDS Church, Scotty Hills
Pack 729 Jeff Rada 910-867-9919 Cornerstone UMC
Pack 730 Melissa Meador 910-436-3649  LDS Church, Morganton
Pack 733 Steve Fox 910-875-5163 Bill Hefner Elementary
Pack 748 Jeff Bavis 910-867-8198 Camp Ground UMC
Pack 752 Sheila Gorman 910-864-3076 Mount Olive Missionary Baptist
Pack 758     Fort Bragg
Pack 759     Pope AFB Community Activity Center
Pack 767     LDS Church 1st W, Hope Mills
Pack 772 Mark Ceder 910-436-0534 1st Presbertian Church, Spring Lake
Pack 774 Scott Dooley 910-764-1298 Trinity United Methodist Church
Pack 776     Fort Bragg
Pack 777     Anderson Creek Church
Pack 895 Don Watson 910-822-3425 St Andrews United Methodist
Troop 006 James Dufe 910-630-1859 St Andrews United Methodist
Troop 548     LDS Church, Morganton
Troop 573 Art Williams 910-964-3126 Castle Chapel, Ft. Bragg
Troop 700     LDS Church, Scotty Hills
Troop 705 Michael Baker 910-630-3121 Fayetteville Christian Church
Troop 725     LDS Church, Hope Mills
Troop 726 Dan Marshall 910-480-0633 LDS Church, Scotty Hills
Troop 729 Jack Mellott 910-864-8471 Cornerstone UMC
Troop 730     LDS Church, Morganton
Troop 748 Earl Faircloth 910-867-6849 Camp Ground UMC
Troop 752 Barry Blevins 910-426-3926 Mount Olive Missionairy Baptist
Troop 758     Fort Bragg
Troop 759     Pope AFB Scout room
Troop 767 Arnold Schnobrich 910-424-6851 LDS Church, Hope Mills
Troop 774     Trinity United Methodist Church
Troop 776     Fort Bragg
Troop 777     Anderson Creek Church, Linden
Venture Crew 006 Vivian Sloggy 910-822-5601 St Andrews United Methodist
Venture Crew 700     LDS Church, Scotty Hills
Venture Crew 49 Bruce Mitchell   College Lake Rec Center

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Last Updated: 08/30/05