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TUOCS Day Camp

"Frontier Days"

                                                                 Day Camp Plan  Directions to Day Camp

Day camp registration is officially closed.  We look forward to seeing you all this year.

     Documents Information:  
  LOCATION:  Smith Lake, Fort Bragg
  DATE:  20 - 24 Jun
Camperships available.  Send in form and write campership across top.  We'll contact you if it's approved. COST: $ 65.00 (scout bucks may be used) per Scout. This includes a T-Shirt, camp patch, craft materials and insurance.  Please make check out to Occoneechee Council.

NOTE: Additional T-shirts will cost $5.00 upon registration.

  Registration Form

Code of Conduct Form

To participate, a boy must be registered with a pack as a Cub Scout.  Tiger Cubs require their adult partner to be with them during camp.
Medical Release Form HEALTH RECORD:
Each Cub that attends camp must have a health form completed and signed by his parent or legal guardian before he can participate in Day Camp.
  Staff Registration Form

  Staff Agreement

Volunteers are needed everyday in every function BUT without additional children.  Individuals that volunteer for the entire day are able to place siblings in the Pixie Camp.

Pixie Registration Form

Pixie Camp:
We provide a special camp for the children ages 3-10 for full day time volunteers.  (Pixie's must be potty trained).  Our Pixie Director will keep your little one(s) busy all day with fun filed activities.  Parents must be willing to work all day to place their kids in Pixie camp and must sign up to help by 15 May 05.

  Informed Consent Hold Harmless

Release of Liability

Liability Release Forms:
This informed consent form acknowledges there is a certain risk for participating and holds camp staff harmless should transportation be required.  It has a list of authorized pickup names and consequences if child is not picked up on time.

This form acknowledges there is a certain risk for participation and releases the U.S. government from liability.  This is required since day camp is held on government property.

  Photo Release Permission to photograph children and use photos for publication.

For Questions, contact the Day Camp Director.


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Last Updated: 07/08/05