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New Leader Training Explained


Level Title Course Code Syllabus / Video Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing Course Length Comments
1 Fast Start CF-1,CF-2,
AV01V022   About 1 hour Fast Start is the first level of training for all Scouters.
2 - Part One New Leader Essentials A01 34870
      90 minutes Introductory session on values, aims and methods of Scouting.
2 - Part Two (Position Specific) Cub Scout Leader Specific Training C40,C41,C42,
  2 1/2 to 3 hours Courses for the five leader positions of Tiger Cub Den Leader, Cub Scout Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster and Pack Committee are included in a single syllabus. The syllabus includes a CD with presentations, handouts, game resources and evaluation forms.
Scoutmaster & Asst. Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training S24 34879
  3 - 3 hour sessions or 1 day Intended for Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee members and Second-year Webelos Den Leaders. Syllabus includes CD with many resources.
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills S11 33640     2 Saturdays or 2 1/2 day weekends Intended for Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee members and Second-year Webelos Den Leaders.
Troop Committee Challenge S10 33643   3 hours For Troop Committee members (Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters also recommended)
Venturing Leader Specific Training P21 33491C
  5 hours Intended for Chartered Organization personnel, Venturing Crew Advisors, Assistant Advisors, Committee members and Commissioners. Syllabus includes CD with many resources.
3 Wood Badge A90       2 - 3 day weekends or weeklong Wood Badge prerequisite is Position Specific training
Supplemental Training Trainer Development Conference D69 13-044       1 day Intended to enhance training skills for trainers. Entire course is on a CD and includes all resources required to run the course including administrative guides, schedule, presentations, handouts and more.
Youth Protection Guidelines Y01 46-221
      1 1/2 hours Intended for all adult Scout leaders.
Webelos Den Leader Outdoor C09  
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) C32  
Pow Wow   1 day
University of Scouting       1 day


Code Description
Training for All Program Levels
A01 New Leader Essentials
A90 Wood Badge for the 21st Century
Y01 Youth Protection Training
C Cub Scout Adult Training Series
C09 Webelos Den Leader Outdoor
C30 Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow
C31 Den Chief Training
C32 Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, BALOO
C40 Cubmaster Specific Training
C41 Tiger Deb Leader Specific Training
C42 Cub Scout Den Leader Specific Training
C43 Tiger Cub Den Leader Award
C44 Cubmaster Award
C45 Cub Scout Den Leader Award
C46 Webelos Den Leader Award
C47 Cub Scouter Award
C60 Pack Committee Member Specific Training
C61 Webelos Den Leader Specific Training
C90 Cub Scout Trainer Wood Badge
CF-1 Cub Scout Den Leader Fast Start
CF-2 Webelos Den Leader Fast Start
CF-3 Cubmaster Fast Start
CF-4 Pack Committee Fast Start
CF-6 Tiger Cub Den Leader Fast Start
D District/Council Adult Training Series
D00 Commissioner Orientation
D20 Commissioner Basic Training
D01 CB Why Commissioners?
D02 CB Units: The Commissioner's Top Priority
D03 CB How to Help a Unit
D10 Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and Staff Basic Training
D11 Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Training
D30 Commissioner Conference
D31 Arrowhead Award
D39 Commissioner's Key: Council and Assistant Council Commissioner
D40 Commissioner's Key: District and Assistant District Commissioner
D41 Commissioner's Key: Unit Commissioner
D42 Commissioner's Key: Round Table
D43 Training Award: Roundtable Staff
D60 District Committee Key
D61 District Committee Training Workshop
D69 Trainer Development Conference
D71 Council Officer/Board Orientation
D72 Training the Chartered Organization Representative
D73 Health and Safety Course
P Venturing Adult Training Series
P21 Venturing Leader Specific Training
P30 Sea Scouting Leader Specialized Training
P31 Crew Officer's Seminar
P40 Advisor's Key
P41 Skipper's Key
P43 Training Award-Venturing
P91 Sea Badge
PFS Advisor Fast Start
S Boy Scout Adult Training Series
S10 The Troop Committee Challenge
S11 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
S24 Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training
S32 Troop Junior Leader Training
S40 Scoutmaster's Key
S41 Boy Scout Leader's Training Award
S50 Leadership Training for Leaders of 11-Year-Old Scouts
SFS Boy Scout Leader Fast Start
V Varsity Scout Adult Training Series
V21 Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training
S11 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
V33 The Varsity Scout Letter
V34 Youth Leaders in Varsity Scouting
V40 Varsity Scout Coach's Key
V41 Training Award-Varsity Scouting
VFS Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start


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